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New products - MB Building Kit system

New products: Line XMS – the integrated machine concept

Clean lines on the outside, ingenious details on the inside – Line XMS meets all the requirements of modular series production. Fully compatible with the item MB Building Kit System, the XMS system has three defining features:

  1. Line XMS produces load-bearing constructions with compartmentalised functional sections, making it incredibly easy to build modular, maintenance-friendly structures.
  2. Cables and hoses are safely routed through cable conduits that are integrated into the profiles. Everything is easily accessible but hidden from view.
  3. Profiles XMS have closed outer surfaces to help keep production clean and seals that ensure doors close perfectly.

The integrated approach pursued by item puts your process first, not the installations. The machine frame and its functional sections help put your know-how centre stage.

Your ideas are worth it.

New products Line XMS in the product catalogue and in the online catalogue.

Line XMS has won the international “iF product design award 2013”.

Accessories for Profiles XMS

Cover Profiles K seal the integrated cable conduits of Profiles XMS, ensuring all cables and hoses are safe and secure. The covers, which do not need to be screwed into place, can be easily removed when carrying out maintenance and service work.

Base Plates/Transport Plates X 8

These special Base Plates/Transport Plates provide added stability for constructions built using Line XMS. Designed as a flat angle bracket, they require relatively little space. However, the Base Plates/Transport Plates also transfer forces safely into adjacent horizontal profiles, without putting added strain on profile fastenings. This provides effective support for the fastening elements and boosts the rigidity of the machine frame when it is moved.

Door Profile X 8 - XMS

The XMS system includes profiles designed specifically for doors. These Door Profiles accommodate closed panel elements that are 4 – 5 mm thick. Lip Seals stop doors from flapping and rattling and ensure a dust-tight closure. This results in doors that are sealed on all sides.

Door Lock XMS

Door Lock X 8 Zn uses the profile groove in the door gap as a concealed fastening option. It can be installed at the ideal ergonomic height. All fastening screws are safely concealed when the door is closed.

Conduit Profile K

Simply clip Conduit Profile K into a Line 8 groove and the high-strength plastic cable conduit is ready for use – no machining, no screws. The conduit can also be screwed directly to other surfaces. The design of Conduit Profile K mirrors the contours of Profiles X 8, which are also found in machine frames built using Line XMS. That makes it ideal for use with Profiles X 8 and the logical extension for the integrated cable conduits of Profiles XMS.

Accessories for conduits XMS

Installing a cable conduit couldn’t be easier: First, slide or push Clip 8 Conduit Profile K into Conduit Profile K. Second, simply press the clip into a Line 8 groove – and that’s it! It’s quick, clean, there’s no machining involved and the installation can be reconfigured at a later date. Cable conduits can be fitted parallel to a groove or at a right angle across it.

New products Line XMS can be found in our product catalogue.

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