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New Products - Line D30

Line D30

The basic concept of lean production is to ensure processes are simple enough that they can always be adapted to new product and handling requirements. Goods flows and provisioning systems need to be flexible to ensure high availability with minimum effort and without high stock levels. The new item components in Line D30 are the ideal solutions for lean production.

Butt Fastener D30

D30 gets even curvier. Butt Fasteners D30-30°, D30-60° and D30-90° even out otherwise prominent right angles to produce smooth transitions. For example, Butt Fastener D30-90° stops trolleys getting tangled up in the strip curtains often found in factory halls. The rounded edges ensure that the plastic strips simply slide off to the side.

Ball Joint Fastener D30
Ball Joint Fastener 8 D30

Turning on a pin. Ball Joint Fasteners are used to install struts at any angle in the flick of a wrist. A stable integral ball in the fastener provides outstanding versatility, enabling users to twist and turn the fastener to the desired angle and fix it in place with a single screw.

Panel-Fixing Profile D30 3-5mm

The quickest way to fasten a panel. The Panel-Fixing Profile is pushed onto a Profile Tube D30 and slotted onto a panel element that is between 3 and 5 mm thick. That’s all there is to it! Fitting these profiles around all the edges of the panel produces the necessary holding force. And the all-round, virtually sealed fastening also provides added protection from splashes and dirt.

Roller Conveyor St D30

It couldn’t be easier. The easy-running Roller Conveyor with steel axles and an exceptional service life is delivered ready for use. Simply cut it to the necessary length, select the best brackets, screw it in place and your conveyor line is good to go!

Roller Conveyor St D30 with Steel Castor Surfaces

Our most robust castor yet! Thanks to their steel covering, the castors in this conveyor are resistant to hot, metallic and sharp-edged components. Things that would scratch or damage standard castors can usually be transported directly on Roller Conveyor St D30 with Steel Castor Surfaces, without first having to be placed in a container.

Roller Conveyor St D30 Brake

Slowing things down. This brake helps to slow down the flow of goods on Roller Conveyor St D30 at precisely the point where goods need to move more slowly.

Roller Conveyor St, Fastening Bracket D30

Sound support for Roller Conveyor St D30. Simply slot in and attach to Tube D30. If required, the Roller Conveyor Fastening Bracket can also be screwed into place.

Roller Conveyor Al D30

Roller Conveyor Al D30 is the specialist for tricky transport tasks. It is based on Castor Rail 8 40x40 and can be fitted with Castor, Castor Ball, Roller, Brush and Slide Strip Inserts. The inserts can be used together in any combination.

Castor Rail 8 40x40, Brake

Simply fit to the castors you want to put the brakes on.

Roller Conveyor Al, Fastening Bracket D30

Roller Conveyor Al Fastening Bracket D30 is the standard fastener for Roller Conveyor Al D30. Castor Rail 8 40x40 simply slots right into it. For additional security, the fastening bracket can be screwed to the Tube D30 and Roller Conveyor.

Threaded Insert, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty M12

Our strongest partnership. Used with Profile Tube D30 heavy duty, this M12 threaded insert can withstand an astounding 20,000 N of compressive and tensile loading.
The self-tapping thread means there is no need to pre-tap a thread in the core bore.

All the new products in the MB Building Kit System can be found in the online catalogue.

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