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New Products - Line D30

Line D30

The basic concept of lean production is to ensure processes are simple enough that they can always be adapted to new product and handling requirements. Goods flows and provisioning systems need to be flexible to ensure high availability with minimum effort and without high stock levels. The new item components in Line D30 are the ideal solutions for lean production.

Cap, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty, Cap, Tube KH D30

These two new Caps seal the ends of the corresponding tubes. Cut edges do not need to be deburred.

Roller Conveyor St Fastening Bracket Adapter Sleeve D30

Have you ever tried installing a Profile Tube D30 between two parallel tubes to form a strut that can be used as a set-down surface or slideway? The adapter sleeves make it easier than ever, turning any roller conveyor fastening bracket into a tube fastener in an instant.

Roller Conveyor St Guide Rail e 32

Workpiece carriers and small load carriers kept firmly on track. Guide Rail e 32, which can also be retrofitted to Roller Conveyor St D30, ensures your transported goods don’t stray from their intended path.

Roller Conveyor St D30 Brake

Slowing things down. This brake helps to decelerate the flow of goods on Roller Conveyor St D30 at precisely the point where goods need to move more slowly. It is simply fitted over the rollers.

Roller Conveyor St D30/2

The special design that halves the gap between rollers for double the care. Roller Conveyor St D30/2 offers extremely gentle rolling motion and high load-carrying capacity. Perfect for transporting sensitive or delicate goods and with extremely low rolling resistance.

Hook and Holder Adapter D30

Compatible with the hook and holder system. The grey adapter for fastening to Profile Tubes and Tube D30.

All the new products in the MB Building Kit System can be found in the online catalogue.

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