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Neuheiten 2016/II

New Products 2016/II (autumn)

Systematic innovation – the new item products for autumn 2016.

Be more productive with the new item transport roller conveyors, the ergonomic grips of operating elements Pi, the lightweight rack and the height-adjustable Monitor Arms. The autumn new products from item have a lot to offer! Find out more in the sections below or browse through the new products catalogue –available as a practical ePaper!

MB Building Kit System

More grip! The new operating elements Pi offer ergonomic grips in four shapes, three sizes and with lots of useful details.

Line XMS

New forms and new functions: Thanks to a world-first from item – Double Door Stop Set 8 – you can now build generously proportioned double doors that are easier, quicker and safer to use. Profiles X 8 45° – XMS with a 45° angle are the basis for building eight-cornered enclosures. The new Profiles X 8 90° – XMS, meanwhile, create a gentle curve at the edges of XMS enclosures instead of using right-angled edges.

Automation System

Even more dynamic! Ready-to-install Linear Unit LRE 8 D10 80x40 ZS K light uses a rack drive made of high-strength plastic. Thanks to its low dead weight and outstanding safety for vertical motion, it is ideal for lifting applications involving medium loads.

Lean Production Building Kit System

More freedom! The new item solution for modular transport roller conveyors makes it incredibly easy to interlink workstations. Conveyor lines can be built and extended in next to no time, with no need for tools.