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item Toolboards

Nice and tidy

Finally, each tool has its own dedicated place. item Toolboards have separate recesses to keep screwdrivers, pliers, etc. clean and safe. Each and every Toolboard is unique, made with precision to your exact requirements.

You start your search by grabbing a random tool. Whether and how quickly you find the one you’re looking for in boxes and drawers is often a matter of luck. Not only does it take time and get frustrating. In many cases, thereֹ’s more than one of some tools and you may well only notice a spanner is missing when you urgently need it.

item Toolboards make it easy to keep your tools tidy and in full view – entirely in keeping with the principles of 5S.

  1. Each drawer, box or tray insert is made to your precise specifications.
  2. The recesses exactly match the shape of your tools and the arrangement is entirely up to you.
  3. Each tool has its very own space, which improves efficiency by eliminating one possible time-wasting factor.
  4. The high-quality foam insert is strong, protects the tools and is easy to clean.
  5. Can also be used as a made-to-measure workpiece carrier that offers protection during transport.

This customised service is available for projects of any size, whether you’re looking to order a few specific Toolboards or equip the entire workshop.

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