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item Toolboards

A customised Toolboard in three steps

As well as being highly practical, all item Toolboards are unique and made to fit your particular equipment. You determine the arrangement and composition. This is how it’s done:

Request the mobile Toolboard scanner

To customise the Toolboards, the required layout is scanned at your company using the original tools. It couldn’t be quicker or easier. Send us an enquiry and we’ll get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Please note that currently our Toolboard Scanners can only be shipped to addresses within Germany.

Scan your required arrangement

A shipping company will deliver the Toolboard scanner in a robust case. It takes no time at all to set up the scanner on your premises.

You specify the position and arrangement of the tools and the design of the Toolboards you need. The scanner sends the data at the touch of a button.

And before you know it, you’ll receive an e-mail with a quotation.

No more searching

Place the Toolboards in the toolboxes, drawers or trays and tidy away your tools. Job done! Each tool is clean and safe in its own dedicated recess.
Easy to see and ready to grab!

Yes, I would like an item Toolboard

Register now to view the price list and order your item Toolboard.

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Please call me to arrange an appointment.
  • Currently, the Scanners can only be shipped to addresses within Germany.
  • The Standard Scanner is suitable for Toolboard sizes up to 610 x 610 mm.
  • The shipping costs for this scanner (delivery and collection) amount to €99*.
  • Our Scanner XL is suitable for Toolboards up to 950 x 700 mm, higher tools and larger quantities. The shipping costs for the Scanner XL are €299*.
  • A shipping company is used.
* Prices do not include VAT and no discounts are available.
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