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product information guard systems

Protect employees. Make sure machinery is safe.

First and foremost, machine safety is about making sure that employees are protected from potential hazards. However, the safety equipment associated with a machine is also designed to prevent accidental and even deliberate intervention from outside and thus safeguard the relevant process, too. If this goal can’t be achieved using localised safety measures alone, the solution is to erect a continuous protective enclosure around hazardous machine areas.

Modular solution for seamless protection

The Protective Enclosure System from item satisfies all requirements for continuous machine guards. It has been engineered on an entirely modular basis using components from the MB Building Kit System and can be adapted to suit the relevant machine and the necessary protective function perfectly. Designed on the basis of countless tests, the system is certain to deliver high standards in safety. Ingenious details also reduce assembly times to a minimum.

Flexibility built in

The Protective Enclosure System from item is more than just an additional functional element for a machine. It also offers a versatile range of advantages in terms of design and engineering. As an on-machine solution, it can be integrated seamlessly into the machine design, while as a separate solution, it can encapsulate the machine as a free-standing safety barrier or complete machine enclosure.

Engineered from experience

The Protective Enclosure System from item is based on experience gained from countless installations. Intelligent fastening technology delivers uncompromising stability and solid steel fasteners ensure maximum strength. Not only is the whole system fully compliant with all safety standards, it is also extremely resistant to external mechanical influences.

Rapid assembly

The ingenious system has been consistently developed to ensure one person can assemble and dismantle enclosures in next to no time – simply slot a wall element into the lower Hanger, screw it into place and that’s it: job done. Captive screws provide reliable, tamper-proof fastenings. If a fastener has been missed, the wall is open so that the error can’t be overlooked.