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product information guard systems

Form and function in one

A Protective Enclosure System is not just a functional element, it also has to satisfy aesthetic requirements. It must not look like an awkward alien add-on, but rather appear as an integral component of the machine design. item satisfies all these needs with a modular Protective Enclosure System that combines the ultimate in functionality with outstanding design.

Panels ranging from opaque to transparent

item offers design freedom. For example, users can choose from a range of colours to suit their corporate design or the colour of their machinery. Transparent panels, meanwhile, provide an unobstructed view of machinery at work, and black panels help to make areas darker, which is important for some processes.

Needs-based panel fixings

item offers a comprehensive range of panel-fixing profiles and other fastening elements for holding panel elements securely in place. There are also special Clamp Profiles for building both on-machine and standalone guards and enclosures. It is an ingenious system that can be used to satisfy a whole range of design, assembly and strength requirements.

Reliable access built in

A wide range of ergonomic grips ensures that openings and access point to machines can always be operated with ease. These features are complemented by a variety of security locks that fit existing functional requirements perfectly. Visual and audible signals can be added or they can be incorporated directly into the machine’s electronic safety concept.

Solid footing on any surface

Elements from the item Protective Enclosure System can be integrated directly into the machine base or can be installed on the hall floor. Thanks to steplessly adjustable feet, they can be assembled rapidly and differences in height can be balanced out with ease.