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Linear slides – the basis for any automation solution

item offers five different linear slides for precise and rapid slide and carriage movements.

Their modular design means users can configure customised linear units that are tailored precisely to their requirements in terms of payload, speed, repeat accuracy and maximum stroke length.

Roller guides – variable and modular

The modular roller guides from item are the universal solution for linear units. Thanks to the wide variety of guide profiles and slides that item offers, it is incredibly easy to tailor them to the specific requirements associated with virtually any task. The key features of roller guides are outstanding load-carrying capacity, rapid stroke velocity, variable stroke lengths and simple installation. Their low resistance and generous dimensions contribute to a long service life.

  1. Biggest selection of Bearing Units
  2. Can be adapted to a whole range of tasks using customised slides
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  4. Load-carrying capacity (max): 7600 N
  5. Maximum travel distance: Unlimited

Linear Guide Unit – for maximum load-carrying capacity

When linear slides with high rigidity and low space requirements are needed, the Linear Guide Unit from item is the perfect choice. It has a modular design and uses standard profiles to ensure the linear unit can be easily integrated into existing constructions.

  1. Compact design with excellent rigidity
  2. Easy to construct thanks to completed slide
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  4. Load-carrying capacity: 2300 N
  5. Stroke length: 6000 mm

C-Rail system – compact and easy running

C-Rail Systems from item are specialised roller guides and are ideal for constructing lifting doors, sliding doors and movable guards and enclosures. Thanks to a wide product range, these compact linear slides always offer the right solution for a diverse variety of tasks.

  1. Ideal for lifting and sliding doors
  2. Easy-running Bearing Units in a range of load-carrying classes.
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  4. Load-carrying capacity (max): 1500 N
  5. Stroke length: Unlimited

Linear guide system – heavy-duty and innovative

Making light work of moving heavy loads is a speciality of the linear guide systems from item. Heavy-duty linear slides combine a Bearing Carriage with profiled rails that are mounted directly onto the guide profiles, thereby increasing the rigidity of the guide.

In the case of the PS 4-25, a patented, two-part Clamp Profile also maximises the lateral stability of the rails.

  1. High load-carrying capacity for heavy loads
  2. Torsion resistant thanks to rails on the profile groove
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  4. Stroke length: 1800 mm
  5. Load-carrying capacity (max): 2500 N

Ball-bearing guide bush – complete and simple

The item Ball-Bearing Guide Bush Sets make it extremely easy for users to build linear units with stroke lengths up to 2000 mm. The turnkey solutions are based on cantilevered shafts that are completely enclosed by easy-running slides. The shafts can be fastened to item aluminium profiles, thereby ensuring that a flexible linear system can be put together with very little effort.

  1. Ideal for lifting and sliding doors
  2. Simple and flexible design
  3. Ideal for moving low loads
  4. Easy-running Bearing Units in a range of load-carrying classes.
  5. Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  6. Stroke length: Unlimited
  7. Load-carrying capacity (max): 1500 N

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