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Innovative linear technology from item – perfectly coordinated

Linear Units need to be precisely configured for the task at hand. Tried-and-tested linear technology elements from item can be used to achieve virtually any specification in terms of payload, speed, repeat accuracy and maximum travel distance. As a result, users can build a solution that fits their needs and tasks perfectly in a step-by-step process. Linear technology from item is 100% compatible with the MB Building Kit System, which means your solutions can be easily integrated into frames and other structures. What’s more, pre-existing investments can be expanded as and when required.

Linear slides

Linear slides – the basis for any automation solution

item offers five different linear slides for precise and rapid slide and carriage movements. They support both manual and mechanical drives.

Drive elements

Drive elements – getting linear units on the move

 The drive technologies complement the linear slides available from item perfectly, delivering reliable and precise power transmission for automated processes. A range of solutions are available for various tasks.

Product Finder

Our new Product Finder for linear technology now makes it even easier and faster to track down the perfect linear unit for your needs.

Catalogue in the App Store

You can now also find our latest catalogues in the App Store.

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