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The column for industry

At last – every connection point exactly where you need it! The item Installation Column is the perfect solution for fitting out production areas and other workspaces with connection points for power, compressed air and network access.

Once you’ve laid your cables and installed your connection points, you can then seal the open conduits with a smooth aluminium profile.

Installation Column Profile 8

Power, compressed air, data network access – all from a single, central point. The item Installation Column Profile is a robust and versatile solution for routing supply lines right up to workstations.

Cover Profile 

This aluminium profile seals the cable conduit of Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76. It is held securely in dedicated grooves by Locking Clips and does not require any screw fixings. The conduit can be reopened just as easily to permit maintenance work.

Partition Profile

Partition Profile K76 K is used in Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76 to ensure that low-voltage cables (network, data, etc.) are routed separately to cables carrying high operating voltages. Routing the cables through separate conduits in line with the installation guidelines in EN 50174 reduces the chance of interference.

Ceiling Mount, Installation Column Profile

The Ceiling Mount makes the Installation Column even more stable. It secures the column to the ceiling and is also used for height adjustment. This design makes it much easier to route cables and supply lines via the ceiling. The stable Base Plate ensures the item Installation Column is securely fixed.