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The item Installation Column – the benefits at a glance

Maximum flexibility

  1. Fits everywhere – up to six metres tall with a stable footing and adjustable Ceiling Mount with height compensation
  2. Can be extended as required – fully compatible with the MB Building Kit System
  3. Custom configuration – the position and number of sockets and outlets can be selected and adjusted as necessary

Maximum safety

  1. Two internal, divisible cable conduits that are cleanly sealed with Cover Profiles
  2. Two stable aluminium compressed air conduits for pneumatic applications
  3. Robust and strong Column Profile for industrial use



Maximum efficiency

  1. Run all the cables and lines you need (power, compressed air, network) to precisely where you need them
  2. Space-saving design for maximum performance with a minimal footprint
  3. Can be integrated directly into protective enclosures and work benches as a load-bearing element