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Thanks to custom accessories, the item Installation Column can be optimised for a whole range of tasks. Whether Light Fittings, monitors, tools or notice boards, the versatile mounting methods available on all four sides leave all options open.

The item accessories range covers all typical application areas – protective contact sockets, couplings for CEE three-phase plug connectors, RJ45 network connections and switches. On request, item can also provide installation elements for additional applications. Fitting Sockets and Switches to the item Installation Column couldn’t be easier or quicker.

Additional fittings

Pivot Arm

This stable Pivot Arm can be fitted to the item Installation Column with ease. The braking torque can be individually adjusted at each joint, enabling you to tailor the manoeuvrability of the Pivot Arm to your needs.

LED Light Fittings

Glare-free lighting with minimal shadows is crucial for fatigue-free working practices. That is why item offers LED Light Fittings that produce a pleasant effect, distributing light evenly and without any flicker. The power-saving LED Light Fittings can be controlled individually via Splitters and dimmers.

Protective enclosures

Enclosure and guard elements from item can be fastened to the Installation Column Profile quickly and easily to offer maximum protection. Various colours and structures can be used according to requirements.