Linear Units KLE – the turnkey system

Linear Units KLE from item deliver exceptional performance in a small space. The turnkey solutions combine a roller-bearing slide, the linear slide and a timing-belt drive in one integrated system. The Timing Belt is fed back through the robust guide profile, which also encompasses and protects the guide elements.

As a result, the entire guide axis is compact and sealed. Thanks to the use of item profile grooves, the guide profile can be easily integrated into constructions, making it easier than ever to create a high-quality linear unit.

Low-vibration linear movements with an exceptional positioning accuracy

The carefully coordinated components can achieve a stroke velocity of up to 10 m/s. Due to its high rigidity and precise timing-belt drive, the linear unit produces low-vibration linear movements with a repeat accuracy of ± 0.1 mm and exceptional positioning accuracy.

The modular design of the system also enables users to create stroke lengths of up to 5750 mm. The motor drive is provided by a pre-prepared drive unit via flexible coupling elements. The modular drive concept means that virtually any motor can be used with the system. Two linear units can also be connected together using Synchronising Se

  1. Compact turnkey solution with Timing Belt
  2. Preassembled ready to install
  3. Speed (max.): 10 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm, stroke length (max.): 5700 mm, applied load (max.): 1500 N
  4. Short delivery times
  5. Easy installation and maintenance



Linear Units KLE - High performance and compact.

item compact Linear Units combine the functionality of a linear guide with an integrated belt drive in a minimum of space. They are suitable for high-speed positioning jobs, are quiet in travel and feature low-wear, heavy-duty drive elements. (2,5 MB)



Dynamic Elements

The efficient linear systems from item enable users to develop automatic solutions of the highest standards.

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