Roller guides – versatile and customisable

The modular roller guides from item are the universal solution for linear units. Thanks to a broad product range, they can be adapted to suit the specific requirements associated with any task. The key features of roller guides are outstanding load-carrying capacity, rapid stroke velocity, variable stroke lengths and simple installation. Their low resistance and generous dimensions contribute to a long service life.

Roller guide – Product features

The slides have a modular design and can be configured for the workpiece via the profile grooves. The Bearing Units are based on ball-bearing, prismatic rollers made from ball-bearing steel. They are available in a range of sizes designed to cater to various carrying capacity requirements. Together with the guiding shaft, which is available in several sizes, the system covers a broad range of permissible loads.

The linear slide is simple and economical to install, as the Shaft-Clamp Profiles are secured in the grooves of item aluminium profiles. The hardened and polished steel shafts are pressed into the Shaft-Clamp Profiles along the entire length of the Guide. By selecting appropriate lengths and overlapping section joints for the supporting profile, the Shaft-Clamp Profile and the shaft, it is theoretically possible to construct any length of Roller Guide.


Roller guide - variable and linear

  1. Biggest selection of Bearing Units
  2. Can be adapted to a whole range of tasks using customised slides
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove, load-carrying capacity: max. 7600 N, stroke length: unlimited

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