Linear Guide Unit – compact and strong

When linear slides with high rigidity and low space requirements are required, the Linear Guide Unit from item is the ideal choice. It has a modular design and uses standard profiles to ensure that the linear unit can be easily integrated into existing constructions.

The guiding shaft is secured on the groove of the support profile using special Clamp Profiles, thereby significantly reducing the installation workload.

Low levels of friction

item offers complete slides for 40 and 80 mm-wide support profiles from the MB Building Kit System. Thanks to the Linear Guide Units, these slides generate extremely low levels of friction when running along the shaft of the linear system. When positioning accuracy is a key requirement, the most suitable drive is either a Timing Belt or a spindle.


Linear Guide Unit - for maximum load-carrying capacity

  1. More rigid and more compact than a roller guide
  2. Easy to construct thanks to completed slide
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove, load-carrying capacity: 2300 N, stroke length: 6000 mm

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