Linear guide systems – resilient and innovative

Making light work of moving heavy loads is a speciality of the linear guide systems from item. The resilient linear slide combines a Bearing Carriage with profiled rails that are mounted directly onto the guide profiles, thereby increasing the rigidity of the guide.

In the case of the PS 4-25, a patented, two-part Clamp Profile also boosts the lateral stability of the rails.

Space-saving linear units with heavy loads

The four-row linear guide system (with full complement) of the slide exhibits an outstanding load-carrying capacity in a compact design. As a result, it can be used to build space-saving linear units that can accommodate heavy loads.

The Bearing Carriages can be mounted on one or more rails. Their circulating ball bearings result in fluid movement. The end-face wiper system and additional longitudinal wipers make the carriages virtually impervious to external influences.


Linear guide system - for high loads

  1. High load-carrying capacity for heavy loads
  2. Torsion resistant thanks to rails on the profile groove
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove, stroke length: 1800 mm

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