Timing-belt drive – universal and fast

Timing-belt drives from item are universal, quiet-running drives that are ideal for all types of automation solutions. The tried-and-tested principle of the timing belt is particularly suited for use with linear units that operate at high speed and have long stroke lengths.

Timing belts consist of high-strength steel wires with a sheathing made from low-abrasion polyurethane. The geometry of the teeth ensures a positive locking connection.

Timing Belts in the ideal size

Timing Belts are delivered in the ideal size for the application concerned and can, in theory, be used to create stroke lengths of up to 24 m. To prevent intersections in the slide, we recommend that axles are a maximum of 6 m long, depending on the slide type.

Longer axes are theoretically possible, but must be investigated on a case-by-case basis. A range of different timing belts enables users to configure their overall system for specific loading and speed requirements.

Linear units - easily integrated

Linear units with a low-maintenance timing-belt drive are based on a supporting profile with the corresponding linear slide, the sliding carriage and the components in the timing-belt drive. These comprise Timing-Belt Reverse Units, Timing-Belt Tensioners and, in some cases, a Timing-Belt Counter-Reverse Unit. When using the Counter-Reverse Unit for the Timing Belt, the drive can be mounted on the slide and the axis can be moved.

Thanks to the item MB Building Kit System, users can easily integrate linear units into customised frames and systems. Sliding carriages can also be designed to suit the workpieces.

KLE and KRF - two high-performance turnkey solutions

Linear Unit KLE and Linear Unit KRF are two high-performance turnkey solutions with an integrated timing-belt drive.

All the drive elements from item are compatible with a range of motors that can be connected via variable shafts, couplings and connecting elements.


Timing-belt drive

  1. The universal high-speed solution
  2. Ideal for long stroke lengths
  3. Speed (max.): 5 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.15 mm, maximum recommended stroke length 6000 mm, applied load (max.): 3000 N

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