Rack drive – compact and robust

The rack drive from item is extremely compact since the rack lies entirely within the profile groove. That saves space and costs. This linear system solution is also very rigid and easy to install, because the groove of the support profile provides additional hold.

Thanks to innovative clamping technology, only the end pieces need to be screwed into place. The remaining segments are simply slotted into the groove and engaged without the need for any machining, ensuring that installation can be completed in next to no time. The clamping effect and the additional hold provided by the shape of the profile groove are all that is needed to keep the rack securely in place for the long term.

The robust rack provides a secure hold

When exceptional rigidity, durability, long stroke length and minimum maintenance are required, the rack drive is an excellent choice for linear units – even with vertical movements. The robust rack provides a secure hold.

A drive with a gear rim designed specifically for the rack ensures the linear unit is precise and easy-running. As in the case of all linear drives supplied by item, the rack drive can also be used with virtually any motor.


Rack drive

  1. Ideal for vertical movements
  2. Extremely rigid and precise
  3. Speed (max.): 3 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm, stroke length (max.): 5700 mm, applied load (max.): 1000 N

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