Ball Screw Unit – precise and low-friction

Ball Screw Units are the best solution for linear units that need to provide maximum precision. The Ball Screw Unit KGT from item combines precision in movement with outstanding rigidity and reliability. The lead of the spindle can be 5 or 20 mm, as appropriate to the relevant requirements.

The low mechanical wear associated with low-friction balls gives long-term reliability to the linear drive.

Ball Screw Units - can be combined with any linear slides

Ball Screw Units from item can be combined with any linear slides. They are intended for use at low speeds and with short stroke lengths. The maximum stroke length is 2762 mm.

The Ball Screw Unit KGT can be used with virtually any motor and can even be driven mechanically, if required. The drive unit us supplied fully fitted.


Ball Screw Unit

  1. Maximum precision
  2. Low wear and outstanding rigidity
  3. Speed (max.): 1 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm, stroke length: 2762 mm, applied load (max.): 2000 N

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