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The advantages of Profile Tube System D30 fastening technology

The fasteners used in the D30 profile tube system can be fitted by a single person, with a single tool and in seconds. Fastener D30 is preassembled, which saves time and therefore money. When frames need to be reconfigured, Fastener D30 can be moved individually at intersection points. Thanks to its simple clamping technology, users can modify, disassemble and extend existing structures with exceptional speed.

The use of die-cast aluminium eliminates settlement in the fasteners, which ensures exceptional long-term stability, even when subject to dynamic loads – a factor that also cuts maintenance costs. When used with Tube Adapters, they can connect together profiles at any angle, and – if you haven’t yet switched entirely to D30 – you can even connect to 28 mm diameter tubes.

Profile Tube System D30 fastening technology – an overview of the benefits:

  1. Preassembled Fastener – saves time and therefore assembly costs
  2. Only one Fastener necessary – saves warehousing costs
  3. Step-by-step assembly can be conducted by a single person
  4. Individual struts can be easily moved and removed without compromising stability
  5. Intersection points offer exceptional variability
  6. Four components can be fitted at the same point on a strut
  7. The use of defined angles makes building work easy
  8. No settlement in fasteners – exceptional long-term stability

In a series of ten videos, item engineer Tobias Barnat answers questions about the Profile Tube System D30.


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White Paper Lean Production