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Neuheiten Lineartechnik

Ready-to-install Linear Units from item

The turnkey solutions from item comprise carefully coordinated components and are supplied ready for installation, making it easier to build typical linear units.

The speed junkies – Linear Units with timing-belt drives.

 When speed and reliability are the primary concerns, the best option is a timing-belt drive. This supports extremely dynamic movements and therefore short cycle times.

The perfectionists – Linear Units with Ball Screw Units. 

The specialist for precision and drive force: A Ball Screw Unit is used when a great deal of power and precise positioning are required.
This is made possible by the drive principle, which is based on a precision spindle.

The dependable ones – Linear Units with chain drives. 

It holds steady when others have given up. A chain drive is resistant to problems caused by soiling, can transfer high forces and is also ideal for vertical movements. The robust chain comes into use when absolute reliability is required, including under tough conditions.

The powerhouses – Linear Units with rack drives.

A Linear Unit with a rack drive is often the best solution when a powerful stroke and precise control are required. The driven gearwheel interlocks with the straight rack to eliminate the possibility of slip.

Preassembled Slides LRF 8