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Neuheiten Lineartechnik

Drive elements – getting linear units on the move

Drive elements from item complement the linear slides to deliver reliable and precise power transmission for automated processes.
A range of technologies are available to suit a number of tasks, ensuring that the ideal combination of linear slide and drive element can be found whatever the requirements.

Timing-belt drive – fast and reliable

Timing-belt drives from item are universal, quiet-running drives that are ideal for all types of automation solutions. The tried-and-tested principle of the timing belt is particularly suited for use with linear units that operate at high speed and have long stroke lengths.

  1. The reliable high-speed solution
  2. Ideal for long stroke lengths
  3. Speed (max.): 10 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm,
    maximum recommended stroke length 5820 mm,
    applied load (max.): 2100 N

Rack drive – compact and powerful

When exceptional rigidity, durability, long stroke length and minimum maintenance are required, the rack drive is an excellent choice for linear units – even with vertical movements. The robust rack provides a secure hold.

  1. Ideal for vertical movements
  2. Extremely rigid and precise
  3. Speed (max.): 3 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm,
    stroke length (max.): 5700 mm,
    applied load (max.): 1000 N

Ball Screw Unit – the drive for ultimate precision and drive force

The Ball Screw Unit is the best solution for linear units that need to provide maximum precision. The Ball Screw Unit KGT from item combines precision in movement with outstanding rigidity and reliability. The pitch of the spindle can be 5 or 20 mm, as appropriate to the relevant requirements.

  1. Maximum precision
  2. Low wear and outstanding rigidity
  3. Speed (max.): 1 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm,
  4. stroke length: 2687 mm, applied load (max.): 2000 N

Chain drive – robust and reliable

The chain drive is the most resilient solution for Linear Units. Its robust steel chain works well even in difficult environments and ensures drive force is reliably transmitted, including when under high mechanical stresses.

The chain drive can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. As a conveyor for workpiece carriers and products that are placed directly on the chain (Chain Transfer Unit)
  2. As a traction device for the slides of linear axes (chain drive)
  3. As a drive for conveyor rollers (Chain-Driven Conveyor Rollers)
  1. Robust for contaminated environments
  2. Consistently high power transmission
  3. Speed (max.): 2 m/s, repeat accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm,
    stroke length (max.): 5700 mm, applied load (max.): 1400 N

Preassembled Slides LRF 8