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The people who bring their various abilities to bear for the company in their positions and roles - whether as employees, managers or shareholders - are the foundation of our success and their continued development is a guarantee of our future success.

Today, we are all both confident of our company's capabilities and proud of its achievements but, at the same time, flexible and inquisitive enough to embrace future changes. We see continuous further development as an opportunity for each individual and therefore for the company as a whole, its products and services.
We are comitted to the company and its objectives and apply our passion, enthusiasm, and our own individual abilities to help the company move forward. Skill, commitment, loyalty and motivation form the basis of our activities are subject to a process of continuous improvement.

Cooperation within our company is based firmly on mutual respect, fairness, a constructive and collaborative attitude to each other and cooperative management principles.

The ability to step back and assess one's own work and the company objectively is a key factor in our continuous improvement process for which we all feel responsible.

All of this can be summed up in one simple phrase - we are item.


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