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Line XMS from item wins the "iF product design award"


Solingen-based company item Industrietechnik GmbH has won the "iF product design award 2013" for its integrated machine concept Line XMS

In autumn 2012, item launched Line XMS, an innovative concept for the construction of frames and machine systems. Line XMS is used to build inherently stable constructions within which separate functional cells can be created (service, process and supply sections).

Cutting-edge design right to the core

The profiles in Line XMS are based on the external geometry of Profiles X from item. As a result, Line XMS features a cutting-edge profile design with clean contours and closed sides and combines functionality and timeless design. The innovative feature of the profiles is their integrated conduits, which both protect supply lines and cables and keep them hidden from view. The additional seal grooves in the XMS profiles also make light work of constructing sealed units that ensure production processes are clean and reduce noise levels.

Over the years, numerous products from the item MB Building Kit System, Line D30 and Line X have taken home the "iF product design award".

This year, 1,920 participants from 51 countries submitted a total of 4,352 entries for the "iF product design award". The international panel of judges awarded the iF label to 1,410 entries. 75 prize winners will be presented with an "iF gold award" for outstanding design achievements at a ceremony to be held on 22 February 2013 at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany.

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